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CSID in the School of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand has launched the National Minimum Wage Research Intiative. This research project explores: the issue of minimum wages and employment; provides detailed case study evidence; offers relevant statistical analysis; undertakes two statistical modelling exercises to determine the impact of a statutory national minimum wage on variables such as investment, output, growth, poverty, employment, and inequality in South Africa; and provides policy analysis based on international best practice. The project also provides relevant information to non-experts including: the media, members of community groups, NGOs and trade unions, business people, policy makers, academics, and all other interested parties.

Summary Reports


Gilad Isaacs (2016) A National Minimum Wage for South Africa  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Ruth Castel-Branco (2016) Policy Considerations for the Design and Implementation of a National Minimum Wage for South Africa  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Media correction

Articles in Business Day and Times inaccurately quoted Gilad Isaacs as having “suggested a minimum wage of R4,500-R5,500 a month”. The report highlights three internationally-established benchmarks – basic needs, ratios to average wages and current collective bargaining agreements – as well as outcomes from the statistical modelling exercises. The report concludes:

“[G]iven that the relevant international benchmarks cluster between R4 000 and R5 500, a national minimum wage could significantly increase wages for South Africa’s lowest earners, benefiting them and their families. In addition, such national minimum wage levels are predicted to reduce inequality. Our statistical modelling indicates that a national minimum wage beginning between R3 500 and R4 600 and reaching up to between R3 900 and R5 100 after five years is feasible.”

Working Papers


Asghar Adelzadeh, Cynthia Alvillar (2016) The impact of a national minimum wage on the South African economy  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX


Arden Finn (2015) A National Minimum Wage in the Context of the South African Labour Market   BibTeXIn: 2015. BibTeX

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Policy Briefs


Elena Konopelko (2016) Policy Brief 5: Incentives to enhance compliance with a national minimum wage in South Africa  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Ruth Castel-Branco (2016) Policy Brief 4: National Minimum Wage Coverage for Workers in Learning Programmes  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Elena Konopelko (2016) Policy Brief 3: Exclusion and Exemptions from a National Minimum Wage System  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Ruth Castel-Branco (2016) Policy Brief 2: Defining the Reference Period and Premium Payments for a National Minimum Wage   BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX


Ruth Castel-Branco (2015) Policy Brief 1: The Building Blocks of a National Minimum Wage for South Africa  BibTeXIn: National Minimum Wage Research Initiative Working Paper, (2), 2015.BibTeX

On the 2nd and 3rd of February 2016 we hosted a highly successful Symposium. All presentations, videos and photographs can be found on the Symposium page.

Recent Media


Asghar Adelzadeh, Cynthia Alvillar (2016) The impact of a national minimum wage on the South African economy  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
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Media Coverage of Symposium


SAfm (2016) SAFM Workers On Wednesday: National Minimum Wage  BibTeX2016.BibTeX
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Recently Added Publications


Alan Manning (2016) The Elusive Employment Effect of the Minimum Wage  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Simon Sturn (2016) Do minimum wages lead to Job losses? Evidence from Oecd countries on Low Skilled and youth employment  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX
Marc Amlinger et al (2016) The German Minimum Wage: Experiences And Perspectives After One Year  BibTeXIn: 2016.BibTeX


Nora Claudia Lustig et al (2015) Why did Inequality decline in Latin Amarica?  BibTeXIn: 2015.BibTeX
Michael Reich (2015) The Ups and Downs of Minimum Wage Policy: The Fair Labor Standards Act in Historical Perspective  BibTeXIn: 2015.BibTeX

Sound wage-setting institutions should also address rising inequalities, including those between men and women, by promoting the right to equal remuneration for work of equal value.

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